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Geyserwise 150L

Water heating system (Solar)


R17 500

finance option available

Synapse 5Kva 2.4kWH

Back-up system


R39 995

finance option available

Synapse 5Kva 5.5kWH

Solar/Back-up system


R94 500

finance option available

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IPS-Africa strives to provide the most cost-effective Alternative / Load Shedding Power Solutions in South Africa.

By partnering with the most innovative suppliers in the energy-saving field, we’re able to provide you with great packages at low costs. 

Our specialised Sales and Technical team design customised Energy Saving Power Solutions for both your Personal and Business needs. No lumpsum capital outlay … our Finance Packages enable you to attain the optimal systems at the most affordable monthly premiums. Our 1st class Installation team delivers outstanding installation and maintenance solutions across South Africa.

At IPS-Africa we pride ourselves on ensuring that your journey towards energy independence is a seamless, hassle-free experience. Because we know that the key to sustainable business is you.

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Acceptance & Deposit

Installation & Commissioning

Handover & Monitoring

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Quality Services offered by IPS – Africa

Energy usage

Logging and Analysis

Solar PV Systems

Engineering, Design, Viability and Costing

Finance Packages

36 or 60-month Rent-to-Own options, Upgradable at any time

Residential Solutions

Solar and Backup power installations

Commercial Solutions

Solar and Backup power installations

Off grid Geyser conversions

Solar and Thermal

Connection and COC’s

Installation, DB board
and sign-off

Local Municipality

SSEG registrations


System monitoring and Analysis

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